At REFLIKO, we wed design and technology to create beautifully functional ways for people to live, work, and play.

How we’re accomplishing our mission:

We work hard to continually break new ground in design, usability, and functionality.
Because we’re not trying to build apps or sell services, we get to focus our creative energy on our products.

We don’t believe in limitations.
Our open platform allows us to do and be more, and gives our customers more control.  

Something that you use all the time should look amazing in your home.
We design our products to do just that.

Our Team

Kendall Chow


Kendall is an experienced product industrialization leader. He ran product operations for the first four generations of iPad manufacturing, led development for Jawbone’s family of lifestyle products, advised companies in Playground Global’s venture funds, and most recently served as engineering program lead for Essential Product’s radical new mobile device platform.

Kendall: “We worked on a lot of innovative home and mobile devices over the years, but felt there was something missing, as far as form factor goes. Small devices were handy – literally – but limited by their size. Large devices didn’t tend to integrate well with their setting. They felt out of place and invasive. What we wanted was a large, cross-functional, highly intuitive device that could also serve as a centerpiece design element in the home. We weren’t seeing it, so we designed, engineered, and industrialized it. That’s MARA.”

Here at REFLIKO, Kendall leads our effort to innovate augmented user experiences within household design pieces. 

Kendall’s favorite thing to do with MARA: “Video conferencing and remote work  whiteboard collaboration. It makes working from home feel more connected and immersive.”

Kholida Kurbanova


Kholida is a passionate technical product leader who specializes in delivering innovative enterprise and consumer platforms. She led the engineering program teams at Intel’s New Devices Group, delivering solutions for high-end fashion wearables for HUBLOT, Tag Heuer, and Luxottica. Most recently, she led the platform teams at Pure Storage, developing cutting edge data storage technology.

Kholida: “There is more information available to us than ever before. It’s fantastic, but with the wrong device, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating. I love the challenge of creating beautifully usable products to deliver the information and experiences our customers are looking for in a way that feels natural and joyful.”

At REFLIKO, Kholida merges her experience in luxury high-end consumer design with platform solutions to deliver a brand new category of user experience and interaction.

Kholida’s favorite thing to do with MARA: “It’s great for exercise, mental health, and self care. The large screen and ability to see my reflection keeps me engaged. Being able to switch up my routine and use different apps keeps me motivated.”

Will Lee


Will is a seasoned embedded systems engineering leader. He has 15 years of experience architecting and engineering many of the most widely adopted consumer devices and platforms used today. Products include the voice-assisted Airpod, Airpod Pro, and media streaming devices used by Xfinity X1 and DirecTV. He has also advised companies in Playground Global’s venture portfolio.

Will: “I like technology that hides in plain sight and allows me to choose when to interact with it. MARA’s form and function as a design piece and mirror is a key component of the product, not an afterthought. I find that compelling.”

The overall architect of REFLIKO’s products, Will leads our engineering efforts. He’s passionate about the future of “smart home” automation, as well as photography and travel.

Will’s favorite thing to do with MARA: “I look at myself in it! It’s a mirror, after all. And like Lebowski says, ‘It really ties the room together.’

Armando Atienza


Armando has built systems with many of the widely adopted technology services of the new millennium. He was an early member of Google’s site reliability engineering teams and worked on Waymo’s onboard infrastructure, and he served as a key member of the relaunch team for Healthcare.gov.  Most recently, he has advised for multiple companies in Playground Global’s venture capital funds.

Armando: “I think I’m MARA’s biggest fan. The product mirrors (pun intended) our team: it’s smart, daring, and forward-thinking. The diversity of our backgrounds and skill-sets, along with a bunch of late-night brainstorming sessions, led us to create something really special. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I’m excited to keep growing and building.”

An architect of REFLIKO’s systems, Armando builds the platforms and integrates the technologies that power REFLIKO’s family of products and services. 

Armando’s favorite MARA feature: “I take privacy and security seriously, so we electrically hard-wired the camera LED. That means that the green light is guaranteed to light up when the camera is in use. I appreciate the peace of mind that brings.”

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