Frequently Asked Questions


MARA runs on pure Android 7, and can be used just like most Android devices.

MARA comes with an app store to allow you to choose what apps you want to download and install. MARA is designed to be as minimalistic as possible so you have the freedom to customize your own experience.

You can install any Android app through the store.

No, REFLIKO does not charge any subscription fees. You are free to use any Android app you like. Some 3rd party apps may charge their respective subscription fees for their service, independent of REFLIKO.


MARA is not wall mountable. MARA has a patent pending 7 degree lean for the optimal user experience. MARA also weighs 99 lbs. Therefore MARA is specifically designed not to be wall mounted.

MARA connects to the internet via WiFi or ethernet.

Yes, MARA has a front facing camera, microphone and speakers for video conferencing. Just install your favorite video conferencing app to enable this feature.

MARA’s footprint is a compact 2′ x 3′. We recommend you allow 2-3 feet of space between you and MARA for optimal user and visual experience.

Please use a microfiber or soft cloth to wipe down the device if needed. Avoid using Windex, vinegar, Lysol, soap, or any other cleaning product, as they will break down the anti-smudge coating on the screen.


Delivery is 6-8 weeks from order date. Due to the design, weight and logistics, each MARA is built to order.

To ensure MARA is delivered safely, we provide white glove delivery and assembly. Due to COVID-19, some regions may only provide threshold delivery or room of choice delivery. Our delivery partner will contact you for a delivery window.

We provide a 1 year limited warranty and 30 day return policy. Please see our refund and warranty policy.

Yes, we offer a 30-day home trial to eligible  first time buyers. Please see details.